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  1. Day & Night With Shawn Thomas & Jocelin Snow: BMW GS Ambassdors

    Day & Night With Shawn Thomas & Jocelin Snow: BMW GS Ambassdors

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    When: Saturday, Jun 8, 2019 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

    Location: BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland

    Address: 7315 North Aurora Road

    Aurora, Ohio 44202


    Spend the day and evening with Shawn Thomas and Jocelin Snow. Technical training during the day and GS adventures at night. Adventure riders come in all different sizes – and Shawn and Jocelin define the widespread enthusiasm for adventure riding. At 6’ 4”, the only thing larger than Shawn is his enthusiasm for motorcycles and BMW Adventure riding. Shawn has participated in the GS Trophy and in 2018 served as the embedded journalist for Team USA in Mongolia. Despite her petite 5’1” frame, Jocelin has demonstrated exceptional skill with the R1200 GS Adventure over the years. Her talents were recognized when she was selected as part of the AusAmerica team for 2018 GS Trophy. Think you’re not tall enough or strong enough to ride an adventure bike? Think again, as International Female Team competitor Jocelin Snow explains how size really doesn’t matter. The Day Will Include: 10:30 *Motorcycle Electronics: Understanding the technology contained within your bike—ABS Brakes, Traction Control, Electronic Suspension, and Throttle Response—and how they help you to be a better rider! 11:30 *Adventure Ergonomics: Knowing how to position yourself on the motorcycle for hours of safe and comfortable riding though the backcountry. 12:30 *Riding Gear: Understanding what makes adventure riding gear unique and essential, including abrasion resistance, protective armor, Dual-Sport helmets, Adventure boots and on-road/off-road gloves. 1:30 *Reclaiming Verticality: Learn to various tips and tricks of picking up a fallen motorcycle! 2:30 *Adventure Riding for the vertically challenged 3:30 *Top 5 solo travel essentials Evening Program: 6:00pm - 8:00pm RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! Shawn & Jocelin will discuss their world travels, challenges, advantages, and what you need to know before going on a long or short trip.